Mindfulness Classes

The Mindful Path: Transforming Stress Through Awareness

 Feeling overburdened or trapped by life’s demands?

Always on edge, like your body and mind are reactive to just about everything?

Feeling like you have to keep pushing yourself despite knowing that you are getting depleted?

Coping with family, relationship, or parenting stressors that you want to respond to differently?      

Feeling responsible for others and neglecting yourself?

Dealing with anxiety, depression, chronic pain, sleeplessness, headaches, and/or other medical conditions?

Interested in learning more about mindfulness and its many health benefits?

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The Mindful Path is a course that assists people in relating to stress in new and different ways. Participants learn about stress reactivity and how to use mindfulness to reduce physiological arousal and automatic unhealthy responses to stress. This method of teaching mindfulness with the support of a group of people learning together, and also learning about how our bodies naturally respond to stress has great outcomes for people. Mindfulness has shown positive benefits for immune function, chronic pain, parenting and relationships, anxiety, depression, cancer, and hypertension.

This class is open to anyone Ages 18 and over.

Please email Dr. Tyrrell Baker at wellbeing.cny@gmail.com if you are interested.

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