All people struggle at times. I work to understand these struggles from each person’s point of view and to discover new options for responding to these difficulties. In the first several sessions, people can identify their core strengths as resources for solving their problems. I believe that identifying what works for each individual uniquely is the key to making progress within weeks. I work with adults struggling with stress, anxiety, depression, anger, relationship issues, and/or addictions. My approach is  mindfulness-based and cognitive behavioral.


Payment and Insurance:

Initial consultation is $165, follow-ups are $140.

Dr. Tyrrell Baker is an in-network provider with:


RMSCO (Lifetime Benefit Solutions)



Most other insurances will cover Dr. Tyrrell Baker’s services as an out of network provider.

Cash, Checks and Credit Cards Accepted


Counseling, Psychotherapy, Neurofeedback, and Mindfulness Classes; Located at The Synergy Center in Manlius, New York; Serving the Syracuse area