Enhanced Psychotherapy


All people struggle at times. I work to understand these struggles from each person’s point of view and to discover new options for responding to these difficulties. In the first several sessions, we identify your core strengths as resources for solving problems. I work with adults struggling with stress, anxiety, depression, anger, relationship issues, and/or addictions. Enhanced Psychotherapy is the combination of psychotherapy and Neurofeedback for optimized treatment outcomes. See Neurofeedback page for more information.

Self pay rates:

$140 Psychotherapy

$140 Neurofeedback

$180 Enhanced Psychotherapy (75 min sessions that deliver both sequentially)


Dr. Tyrrell Baker is an in-network provider with Excellus, BCBS, and RMSCO (Lifetime Benefit Solutions) and these can be billed for Psychotherapy.

All other insurances are considered out of network and cannot be billed directly. Instead, Dr. Tyrrell Baker can provide a professional receipt and the patient can usually receive full or partial reinbursement from their health insurance plan.

Neurofeedback is not billed to insurance but it can be added to Psychotherapy at a reduced rate of $60 for those with in-network insurance. This fee applies to the first several Enhanced Psychotherapy sessions. Then, Enhanced sessions are alternated with Psychotherapy. The fee is only charged for the Enhanced sessions.


Counseling, Psychotherapy, Neurofeedback, and Mindfulness Classes; Serving the Syracuse area

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